Why Should Consultants Go Independent?

1. Consulting firms’ corporate culture can be stressful.

While poor corporate culture isn’t an issue exclusive to the field, consulting firms have a bad reputation for creating atmospheres laden with long hours and stress. In addition to managing high workloads and trying to impress clients, consultants must also juggle internal demands from their superiors.

Bench SME takes away the stress of corporate culture by allowing you to become your own boss. There’s no need to deal with layers of bureaucracy or a management hierarchy. When you complete a project, simply rate your experience to let us know how things went.

2. Working for a firm means having little to no control over projects.

Most consultants are entirely at the mercy of their firm when being assigned to a new project. Company politics come into play, and even the most qualified consultant can be passed up for more desirable projects based on favoritism.

Consultants who use Bench SME get the final say on their assignments. Pursue the projects that interest you, and don’t feel bad about turning down the ones that don’t.

3. Consultants must switch firms to get a substantial raise.

Every consultant knows that the only decent raise comes from a competing employment offer. Getting that offer involves six or more exhausting months of scouring job boards, writing cover letters, and enduring multiple rounds of phone and in-person interviews.

With Bench SME, getting a raise takes 30 seconds. Simply update your profile with your new hourly rate. It’s that easy.

4. Going independent comes with its own set of risks.

Becoming an independent consultant isn’t for the faint of heart. While going solo can be extremely rewarding, it’s a long and challenging process, as with any entrepreneur building their own business.

Bench SME helps independent consultants sleep better at night by reducing the risk and uncertainty that accompanies entrepreneurship. We provide a steady stream of projects so that you can focus on doing what you do best.

5. Independent consultants are forced to spend countless non-billable hours marketing themselves.

Without substantial marketing efforts, independent consultants soon find themselves out of work with no clients to bill. Marketing for independent consultants is a niche artistry with a steep learning curve, which makes standing out in an already competitive field daunting for consultants with no formal marketing training.

Bench SME’s expert marketing department is constantly bringing on new clients so that you don’t have to. Just fill out your profile and let us do the rest.

Are you a firm-based consultant who hates their job? Trying to become an independent consultant and not sure how to get started? Or are you simply interested in finding new leads for your established independent consulting business? Sign up with Bench SME today and we’ll show you how easy it is to love what you do.

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