Who is the ideal Independent Consultant for the Bench SME Platform? +

An Independent Consultant has IT Subject Matter Expertise and the tenure to drive strategic/tactical initiatives to ensure maximum Client return.

Why should an Independent Consultant utilize the Bench SME Platform? +

The Bench SME Platform provides Independent Consultants the ability to fully maximize earning potential, and the control to deliver projects according to his/her schedule, either as full time work or on an interim basis.

What types of Clients can benefit from the Bench SME Platform? +

The Bench SME Platform best supports Clients with a business need or strategy for Independent Consultants to supplement in-house resources to carry out mission critical initiatives.

Why should a Client utilize the Bench SME Platform? +

Clients have acute control over credentials and project variables, which allows for the most qualified resource to deliver work with the greatest efficiency and quality.

What are next steps after sign up? +

Independent Consultants should complete a profile and favorite companies list to provide personalized data points for enhanced matching capabilities. Clients should also customize a profile page to support the project tool and strengthen search results.

How are Independent Consultants matched with Clients? +

The Bench SME Platform utilizes datasets relevant to the Staffing Industry, such as technical skills, hourly rate, location and experience, to match the most qualified Independent Consultant to a specific project or role based on Client requirements.

Are there upfront recruiting or contractual costs? +

No, it’s free for Independent Consultants and Clients to join the Bench SME Community and create a profile.

How are hourly rates for an Independent Consultant established? +

Rates are based on several data points including Independent Consultant requirements, Client Budget and Market Value.

What is the process for time tracking and hours approval? +

For each project, time tracking and hours approval is built into the Bench SME Platform. Independent Consultants record hours directly in a time tracking interface on a daily or weekly basis, depending on the specific project. Clients then review the project page for submitted hours by the end of the following work week.

What happens if a Client declines hours submitted by an Independent Consultant? +

In the rare case that a Client considers an Independent Consultant’s work to be nonconforming, a Dispute Management process is available within the Bench SME Platform. A Bench SME Success Manager will be on-hand to facilitate a mutually beneficial outcome.

How does an Independent Consultant get paid? +

All hours worked by an Independent Consultant are approved by the Client prior to invoicing. Once hours are approved, payment to the Independent Consultant is processed during the next available pay-period on the 1st and 15th of the month.

Where do Independent Consultants perform work? +

It is up the Independent Consultant and Client to define where and how work is performed. In general, however, an Independent Consultant will be on the Client site to deliver work.

Can Independent Consultants have another full-time job? +

Bench SME was built with the intention of providing Independent Consultants the opportunity to either replace a full time job or obtain interim work. The ideal Bench SME resource is available to work during standard business hours Monday through Friday.

Where is the Job Board? +

We don't have one.

The traditional Job Description on your run-of-the-mill Job Board is extremely low tech. The description is often flat, only briefly touching on title, role summary, qualification terms and educational requirements. In turn, these descriptions are amassed on an online board with little to no quality control. I like to call this the “Stone Age of Recruiting.” This half baked process fails to source the best candidate for a specific role, which leads to wasted time and resources on both ends of the contracting equation.

According to approximately 80% of Job Board users, the ROI on time and dollars spent is subpar. Studies show that as low as 2% of Job Board postings are effective, whether you are seeking a contracting role or filling one. Therefore, Bench SME will match the most qualified candidates to roles.