What Soft Skills are Worth Mentioning on your Resume

Soft Skills Worth Mentioning

  1. Creative Problem Solving
    Being a problem-solver requires both creative and analytical thinking. IT industries look specifically for problem-solving skills like: Logical Reasoning, Lateral Thinking, Persistence, and Initiative.
  2. Communication
    Being a good communicator is a valuable skill to attain. Whether these skills are oral or written, the ability to effectively express your ideas are crucial in sales, HR and management. When applying for jobs in these fields, recruiters may look at your communication in terms of: Clarity, Respect, Listening, Empathy and Confidence.
  3. Teamwork
    The ability to work well in a group setting is essential to consultants who have to bounce from project to project and operate in different work environments. To effectively accomplish tasks, you work as a unit with the other people on the project. Market Research and Software Engineer recruiters might judge your teamwork skills based on: Conflict Management, Delegation, Active Listing, and Collaboration.
  4. Attention to Detail
    Being detail oriented means your work is accurate and thorough. Careers like Engineering and Accounting require extreme attention to detail. Recruiters look for these skills when hiring: Critical Observation, Organization, Scheduling, Memory, and Acuity.
  5. Time Management
    Using your time wisely is a skill not everyone can achieve with ease. Demonstrating that you can work efficiently and productively in the deadline given is essential to careers in IT and Management. Managing Time effectively means honing skills in: Stress Management, Focus, Delegation and Decision Making.

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