What Does One Hour Mean to a Consultant?

What Does One Hour Mean to a Consultant?

Ah, Daylight savings time. A blessing and a curse. For consultant’s, it’s an important hour to take advantage of. On November 4, 2018 when the clock falls an hour behind, we have sixty extra minutes to use as we please. Here are some ideas on how to make the most of that precious 25th hour:

1. More Sleep

Talk about a dream. Consultant’s often find themselves choosing between sleeping on the way to the airport or in 15 minute intervals between calls all day. With an extra hour thanks to DST, it’s time to get that rest you’ve been needing so you can be at the top of your game. Studies have shown that not only can lack of sleep slow your bodily functions, but can also affect how clearly or quickly you think.

2. Extra Billable Hour

Let’s be real, we’re all workaholics in the world of consulting. It’s all about the delivering of quality work, people. However these are sixty minutes where you don’t have to choose between work and play because you’ll still have the time to do both. Or just work. An extra hour’s rate could be a really nice meal depending on your client.

3. Play Catch-Up

Now’s the time for housekeeping. Use your extra hour for updating hours, reviewing your SOW or doing other tedious tasks you would normally put off. Or take an hour to learn something new or practice a new skill you’ve been working towards. There are plenty of courses or certifications to make you more valuable as a Consultant to clients and make your workday easier for you!

4. Create Your Bench Profile

Head over to BenchSme.com to start filling out your consultant profile. We’ll match you with projects and clients we think you’d be a good fit for based on your technical skills, experience, and rate. Bench is where independent consultants and organizations meet and build lasting and lucrative relationships! Your profile is easy to fill out and will leave you with time left over in your extra hour. Oh, and it's free ;)

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