5 Thoughtful Ways to Express Gratitude to Clients This Year

Gratitude is a powerful thing. Research shows that expressing gratitude at work, whether to your clients, co-workers, or suppliers, produces less stress, improves physical health, brings happiness, and creates more satisfaction with work. A simple “thank you” can make a difference, but your clients deserve much more. And, by going the extra mile to express your appreciation, it’ll truly show how much you care. Let’s take a look at just five thoughtful ways you can express gratitude to your clients this year.

1. Write a Note

Take the time to handwrite a note to your clients. Express your gratitude for their business and for working with you. However, as you write your note, personalize it. Include very specific details so they know you truly care about them and that you aren’t just creating a mass number of cards. Plus, handwrite it. While typing may certainly be faster, it doesn’t provide that personalized, thoughtful touch.

2. Express Gratitude Publicly

It is one thing to express your thanks behind closed doors, but why not show the world how grateful you are for working with a specific business or individual. For example, post on social media and state why you enjoy working with a client, why their business means so much to you, etc. This also helps builds up your client’s business and can boost their online brand and reputation.

3. Give a Gift

A simple gift is an excellent way to express your gratitude but for it to make a big impact, the gift must be thoughtful. For example, if you and a client recently talked about a specific book or movie, send him a copy with a small note thanking them for their business and their friendship. Just try to avoid generic, common gifts as your client may be under the impression that you didn’t take any thought to it.

4. Host a Special Dinner or Event

Host a special dinner to thank your clients or treat them one-on-one to lunch. You can also invite them to a special event, performance, movie premiere, or more. By extending an invitation to your clients, you are going the extra mile and showing appreciation. You don’t have to spend tons of money either on a special dinner or a fancy event. Even just bringing in lunch or donuts on a regular basis can be a simple sign that you are grateful.

5. Donate to a Specific Cause or Charity

Is there an organization, charity, or cause that your clients are particularly passionate about? Rather than spend money on a gift, make a donation to a cause that they care about. Even if the donation is small, anything will make a difference and it shows your client that you know and recognize what truly is important to him or her.

No matter what time of year it is, expressing gratitude to your clients should be at the top of your to-do list. To help you find clients who you enjoy working with and who can help you achieve success, join the Bench today.

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