The Evolution of Sourcing

My previous posts outlined the flatlined fashion in which resources are traditionally discovered and engaged. The problem? Standard searches are unevolved with only two options to query for talent: a generic Job Description and an uninspired Job Board.

The traditional Job Description on your run-of-the-mill Job Board is extremely low tech. The description is often flat, only briefly touching on title, role summary, qualification terms and educational requirements. In turn, these descriptions are amassed on an online board with little to no quality control. I like to call this the “Stone Age of Recruiting” or the “Post and Pray” method. This half baked process often fails to source the most qualified candidate for a specific role, which leads to wasted time and resources on both ends of the contracting equation. “Companies either spend so much time on a job description that it resembles a pie-in-the-sky wish list, or they put the absolute minimum amount of effort required to use the word ‘description’. Either way, the chances of actually connecting with the talent you desire is very low in both scenarios” say Kristy Nittskoff, Founder and CEO of Talent-Savvy. “Hiring Managers need a different approach, and they need it fast.” she adds.

Sure, a generic Google search may show a single Job Board posting with a success story. However, the numbers on a macro-level prove reality. According to approximately 80% of Job Board users, the ROI on time and dollars spent is subpar. Studies show that as low as 2% of Job Board postings are effective, whether you are seeking a contracting role or filling one.

Admittedly, extremes on either end of the spectrum are outliers. For this post, let’s assume a middle ground. However, only a meteorologist can be right 50% of the time and remain employed. That’s right … I am talking to you Mr./Ms Hiring Manager and Recruiter who continue to staff in the Stone Age. The solution? Bench

Bench SME strikes to bring staffing into the twenty first century by using DATA! #Mindblown!

Bench SME is an innovative software platform that utilizes datasets relevant to a Project Need to match the most appropriate Contractor to a specific role. The matching is based on the detailed requirements of a project. Further, Bench SME analyzes the data aggregated to help Recruiters and Hiring Managers better understand hiring patterns and identify shortfalls in specific talent, as well as close the gap for Contractors not chosen for a particular role.

You use technology for everything else in your life, why not staffing? The time is now to evolve your recruiting efforts through data driven matches for your contracting needs.

Innovate and join the Bench SME Community today!


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