About Bench SME

Why Bench SME Exists

Staffing, Resource Recruiting and Job Board/Ad Placement for permanent resources and Independent Consultants have operated with little change over the last thirty years.

Wholistically, the process is arduous, expensive and often inaccurate.


The linear fashion in which resources are found is flat and unevolved. Specifically, in the current state, a hiring manager identifies a need. Next, an Account Manager and/or Recruiter (typically non-subject matter experts) sources the candidate. Thereafter, a generic description is placed on a Job Board or Classified Ad to query the public at large for resumes. As such, there are limited pre-qualification measures taken prior to the hiring manager reviewing candidates resulting a waste of time and money.


Traditional Staffing firms are expensive for consultants and companies alike. As outlined above, the traditional staffing process results in unqualified resources moving through the hiring process without proper vetting. Even still, clients are forced to pay a premium - typically a margin in the 30-60% range - for each hour worked.


How Bench SME Solves the Problem

Data (Matching)

Bench SME is an innovative software platform that utilizes datasets relevant to the Staffing Industry, to match the most appropriate Independent Consultant to a specific project or role based on Client requirements.


Bench SME is a self-service offering. Matching is just the beginning of its capabilities. The platform has a back-end system to digitally execute all project documentation (starting with the Statement of Work), track/invoice/pay on all hours worked and manage disputes to ensure quality. Finally, Bench SME also implements a rating system, to keep both Independent Consultants and Clients accountable.


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