Step Up Your Independent Consulting Game with These Hot Skills

3 Tools to Help Independent Consultants Step Up Their Game

As an Independent Consultant, you’ll find yourself working as mission critical client support. Organizations will hire you to gain perspective on the health of their business, likely expecting you to to deep dive into process or technological solutions at a granular level. Clients will also utilize you to supplement the talent required to build a highly efficient team that drives company initiatives beyond defined outcomes.

With millions of available billable hours, it’s crucial for Independent Consultants to have an understanding of industry leading tools and software. Expertise with any of the following software suites will keep you staffed:


Workday is the software of choice for companies having difficulty reaching goals and predicted revenue due to people management challenges. Employee management and fostering productive employees is at the root of any successful business, a company will call in an external consultant to help them find a solution to better manage people. Offering Workday as a solution allows companies to combine finance and human resources: manage finances, manage people, manage performance, as well as ultimate business outcomes.



A multi-use online tool, SAP allows companies to use business intelligence analytics to report reliable and up to date metrics to company owners. With this tool, analysts can monitor key company metrics, like revenue and expenses, gain insight into customer behaviour, undertake predictive analysis for future business growth expectations as well as use the planning tools to budget and generate performance reports. This software is very beneficial when working with companies who struggle to keep track of their metrics or who are looking to have the results easily accessible to check in on regularly.



This is the ideal software to use when it comes to helping companies who deal a lot in customer service. Salesforce offers impressive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, which helps companies better understand their customers, how they interact, what they need, and in the end, how to create more leads, close more deals and bring customers back again and again. A consultant can lay the foundation to help a company get to know their customer better and work towards a more targeted audience. After the initial stages, the consultant can set them up with Salesforce CRM technology to further propel the process of customer satisfaction and experience.

  • HOT SKILLS: Architect and Development

If you don’t have a lot of experience working independently, it can be overwhelming to understand software, data collection methods, and what is involved in proper company evaluation. Plus, it is frustrating when you run into problems and don’t have a reliable source of information to help you out. Instead of tackling this all on your own, join the Bench community. On, you can reach out to fellow consultants and create a network to learn from others and build your skills. Use the experience of other consultants to ask questions and improve your consulting practice as a whole. Head to to join the community today!

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