4 Ways to Land A Big Client

4 ways to win over big clients

Whether you’re a freelancer, solo-preneur, gigster, or consultant you are probably always wondering how the little guy can catch the big fish. If you feel like you have a decent client roster, but you’re missing your rockstar client or even feel like you’re platauing, you’re not alone. Here’s 4 things you can do to get closer to landing your dream client.

    Figure out who you are and what you stand for and turn that into a brand. Hire a graphic designer to make your logo and keep it consistent. Choose a specific type face that you will use for all your correspondence. Then, put it on everything. Your invoices, proposals, cover letters, resume, website and socials should all be streamlined so you look as professional as you can. This generates trust that you’re established in your field, you’re a professional with a logo dammit.
    You’re probably not going to land many clients, cold. Most clients come through referrals or building a relationship with someone you want to work with and for. Have regular communication on lock, and try to meet IRL to dig deeper into the way this particular client communicates and works on the day to day. Once you connect on a deeper level than a pitch, it makes the proposal harder to turn down.
    If you claim to be a subject matter expert, then own it.Start a blog, a channel, a social media profile - anything to strengthen your level of expertise. This tells clients that people come to you for this specific skill or service already and you’re practicing this skill frequently.
    Charging clients when you’re first starting out can be daunting. Use the community of consultants you’ve worked with in the past to find out if you’re charging crazy outside the norm, and if not - stop sweating it! You are an EXPERT in your field and the work you provide is VALUABLE.

    When you join the Bench as a consultant or freelancer, you can create lasting relationships with clients and consultants alike. You can get help looking as professional as possible and continue working independently, but never alone. Make your profile today at www.bench.sme

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