How to Tell if This Client is the Right Fit For You?

How to Tell if This Client The Right Match For You?

As a consultant, the work you do for clients is the basis of your business. This is the main means of your income, and is likely the part that you love the most. But that is only true when you have a client who is a good fit for you and when you are able to build a strong working relationship with them so that you can breed success. Vetting clients before you take them on and making sure they are going to be the right fit for you is a critical step in your business development and in finding clients that will last. Here’s a few things to keep in mind:

  • Start With the End in Mind

While it can be easy to get caught up in the introduction stages, the trial session, and discussing pricing packages, after the initial meeting with the prospective client, sit back and ask: “can I picture myself working with this client for the next several months, or being with them in a year’s time?” If the answer is no, or you find yourself hoping that you won’t have to have this relationship drag on that long, chances are it might not be a good fit. Sometimes different personality types or personal attributes make it hard to form long-term working relationships, and It’s totally okay to have that as the reason you and the client just won’t work.

  • Watch for Red Flags

Typically, it is easy to tell from the first interaction or call whether there may be a few issues in working together. For example, if the client seems to be telling you how to do your job, or indicates things such as “the job is easy and shouldn’t take you long.” Issues regarding costs, a client’s hesitancy to agree to the fees you have outlined, or an apparent rush to get the job done are also things to be aware of that may cause problems down the line.

  • Check for Alignment

It can be hard to facilitate a successful working relationship when you are each following different principles or philosophies or when you disagree on some fundamentals in regards to business. During the initial consultation with your prospective client, be sure to outline your policies and practices as it relates to your business, and your working style, and try to get a feel for whether the client agrees or is in sync with these. Knowing your ideal client and focusing on finding them can help in making sure you are both aligned in the working relationship.

Whether you are looking for a pool of clients or are simply interested in finding out more information in regards to crafting the perfect client-consultant relationship, it pays to take advantage of resources that are catered to your niche. The Bench is one of those, and we would love to have you join our tailored marketplace. You’ll meet like-minded consultants, learn how to improve your craft, and find clients that are the perfect fit for you. Join today to learn more.

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