How One Web App is Revolutionizing the Consulting Industry

From ridesharing to healthcare, web-based apps and platforms are changing every aspect of our lives, making everyday tasks easier and more efficient. Bench SME is no exception. Our revolutionary web app utilizes technology to reimagine the way independent consultants and clients connect.

Bench SME utilizes data to put independent consultants in the best position to succeed.

Working as an independent consultant, while highly rewarding, comes with a long list of challenges and uncertainties. Downtime between jobs can be stressful, and without the support of a larger firm, independent consultants spend more time than they’d like on behind-the-scenes tasks like billing and marketing. In order to secure a steady flow of income, some consultants feel pressured into accepting every job that comes along, even the ones they don’t like.

Bench SME’s technology makes being independent less intimidating. The data-driven platform gives consultants all the power with the ability to set their own minimum rates and identify the types of companies they’re most interested in working for. Project scopes are clearly spelled out, so there are never any surprises. When it’s time to move on to the next gig, analytics help the consultant choose the best fit based on their past performance, ensuring a stress-free transition.

Bench SME makes it easier for companies to find the right person for the job.

Hiring an independent consultant is a long, painful, and inefficient process. Companies must either use job boards to post vacancies or rely on word of mouth for recommendations. New recruiting platforms like Indeed Prime claim to be transforming the staffing process, but are essentially no more than a repackaged version of antiquated job sites like LinkedIn and Monster.

Bench SME is much more than a job board. Dynamic consultant profiles organize candidates’ credentials into a searchable, standardized format for easy apples-to-apples comparisons. The platform takes consultants’ personal preferences into account when making recommendations, so companies will only be matched with candidates who are genuinely interested in their project. Furthermore, Bench SME’s analytical data helps recruiters and hiring managers get a better grasp of their needs and identify strategies for improvement.

Bench SME simultaneously offers higher pay to consultants while ensuring lower fees for clients.

As the gig economy becomes more and more saturated, tech companies are finding themselves competing for talent, not just customers. Firms have become increasingly willing to give up some of their own profits in exchange for higher pay for employees. It’s an easy trade-off; companies know that in order to succeed, they must be able to attract and retain top talent.

Bench SME takes this approach one step further by offering value to both sides of the transaction. Due to the app’s efficiency, Bench SME is able to take a smaller cut than traditional consulting firms. The result is that companies pay less for the same services, and consultants walk away with a higher take-home pay.

Become a part of the revolution and join Bench SME today. It’s free for consultants to sign up and find work.

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