How and When to "Say No" to new and current clients

At some point or another, each consultant faces the issue of having a lot on their plate and not having the option to take on new work. What's more, unfortunately, the greater part of contracted consultants can't say no to prospects, unnerved they will lose them as clients for eternity. Accordingly, we see a lot of burnout freelancers who lack work-life balance. Today, you'll figure out how to say no to clients and still keep them.

In the event that the work recommendations originate from new independent clients

Envision you are as of now working 30-40 hours per week. On one hand, it's actually difficult to take on new work on the off chance that you need to invest some energy with your companions and family and get some rest every so often. Then again, this is another client – what would you be able to do to keep them; not to lose them because of inaccessibility?
It won't be a keen move to take on this undertaking simply because it originates from another client. Due to the absence of time, you will likely be worn out, inefficient and the new client won't be content with your finished result. Therefore, you will lose that new client since you couldn't convey the quality you guaranteed. Believe it or not – because of your inaccessibility.
We should perceive what might occur on the off chance that you told that client your work routine was full for the following couple of weeks and you could chip away at their task simply after that. In the event that they need you to convey quality work, that is.

Right off the bat, this forthcoming client will see your administrations are in extreme interest – this generally implies you are great at what you do and they will be slanted to take the necessary steps to employ you.
Furthermore, this client will value your genuineness. They will most presumably be inspired with your choice to decline work, in spite of the fact that it originates from another client, and rather – put quality and your client's needs above all. (You denied in light of the fact that you couldn't deliver quality in the required time outline, recollect?)
Along these lines, if the assignment is earnest – the client may procure another person and that is fine. There's work for everybody. Be that as it may, without a doubt the individual in question will spare your contact data for future use. So as opposed to losing another client with poor execution because of the absence of time, you will win a planned client because of disapproving of them for the correct reasons.

On the off chance that the new errands originate from an independent client with whom you have a functioning contract

This circumstance is somewhat harder to deal with. It depends particularly on your contract or agreement with a particular client. Do you have an agreement about the turnaround time of specific assignments?
Assuming no, you can openly say NO and additionally arrange outstanding task at hand on an individual premise. In the event that indeed, at that point you should finish the unanticipated errands and disapprove of other work. Regularly it's not all that high contrast, however.
In the event that you have an agreement that every month you should devote X hours chipping away at this project –once more, you should keep your due date yet you can arrange some sort of a cradle period to forestall a minute ago assignments and to guarantee progressively adaptable due dates and turnaround times.
Furthermore, sometimes you have "on as required premise" kind of association with clients. You get assignments from them multi-month and the following 2 months – no work with them. At that point indeed multi-month dynamic work pursued by 3 months quietness. In such cases, you can and should say NO to this client as well as to consult with them some sort of a "task take note".

You ought to clarify your administrations are in intense interest and your calendar is quite often full. But you need to keep working with them. So as a trade-off, you can suit their necessities and complete their assignments on the off chance that they don't give you a minute ago occupations however send work your way within any event X days' notice.

Contingent upon your association with the client, you will realize better what to do and how to deal with the circumstance.

Here are a couple of strategies to use to never placed yourself in the circumstance to disapprove of existing clients

Send customary messages to clients with whom you have "on as required premise" relationship, to ask on the off chance that they would require your administrations whenever soon. An email like this once every month can do ponders:

Hello there, John!
I am arranging my remaining workload for the following month and I was thinking about whether you have any assignments for me? If you don't mind let me know so I can set some time on my calendar for your venture.
Thanks, Diana

Along these lines, two things occur because of this sort of messages:

1. The client begins valuing your time and realizes that on the off chance that they need something from you, they have to let you know ahead of time. They understand you plan your time and don't endure "I-need this-done-yesterday" mentality.

2. They don't think about the dismissal literally. They are alright in the event that you said NO or made them hold up when they tossed a very late task at you.

When entering an "on as required premise" contract, dependably make it totally evident that you have a consistent remaining burden with different clients and are not constantly ready to take on a minute ago assignments.

Consequently, if there is a work routine of assignments or potentially at any rate multi-week see for undertakings which you are to be allotted. This guarantees your capacity to redesign your timetable and take on the assignments.

Demand having the client's affirmation in composed so you can help them to remember your agreement, should they dole out you a critical errand with a due date "yesterday".

What's more, in the event that they do dole out a dire assignment regardless of your primer agreement and you do it, ensure it is seen an act of kindness some help and the client recalls that it for quite a while. Along these lines, the client "owes" some help and doesn't have the dream the person in question can toss critical assignments on customary premise.

Lastly, on the off chance that you work with a client who has the propensity to allow pressing assignments ultimately, accuse them of higher rates, sometimes 3 times higher. Along these lines, you make it beneficial to improve your timetable and defer other work which you had intended to finish at that time.

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