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Organizations all over the world are utilizing contingent labor. Bench SME was created to create value on both sides of the contracting equation. Independent Consultants maximize their earnings delivering work for well known global organizations, while Clients choose from the most qualified talent, without having to absorb a hefty margin.



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The 4 Skills You Must Have to Be Successful as a Consultant

4 Must Have Skills for a Successful Consulting PracticeIf you have struggled to gain momentum in your consulting practice, or are finding that you have hit a bit of a plateau, maybe it’s time to brush...

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What Does One Hour Mean to a Consultant?

What Does One Hour Mean to a Consultant?Ah, Daylight savings time. A blessing and a curse. For consultant’s, it’s an important hour to take advantage of. On November 4, 2018 when the clock falls an ho...

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