Why is Data So Important to Management Consultants?

Why are Management Consultants Obsessed with Data?

The Best management consultants are consistently hunting for good data. Measurable success is what makes a good client recommendation. Maybe you’re saying to your self, “Well, Duh” or “Is the sky blue?” But if you want to be the best management consultant you’ll have to learn to love data. So, what is it about data that gives most consultants that butterfly feeling?

1. It’s where the magic happens
Consultants are paid to find something that the layman cannot. He or she has to sift through immense gigs of data before they can piece together what might be a valuable insight for their client. However, if the consultant is good at his job the payoff of a useful look into the business if well worth the rummaging.

2. It’s apolitical
Data can’t lie. No matter what the company’s favorite brand mission or CEO’s fave anecdote is, the data is always more useful. It’s one way to cut through the noise cross-departmental disagreements and a surefire way to avoid stepping on toes. The client is paying you to be the expert and numbers speak for themselves. Sticking to the data offers your expertise and objectivity a leg to stand on.

3. It’s a mess
Even as software sales rise, most companies will agree that it’s not that intelligent or rarely used properly in day to day business. This is where you, the management consultant, step in. Most useful bits of data aren’t analyzed until someone can invest real time into going searching through the scattered pieces of data tucked away in filing cabinets, different software programs and in the notes of employees G-Drive.

4. It can be remarkable
Data, while seemingly boring, and binary can set you up for a huge win for the client and yourself. It can lead to the path best suited and it can turn into something, well, beautiful. If you don’t, believe me, you can watch this TED talk from 2006 yourself, where multiple combined sets of flat World Bank information turned into something beautiful. (Protip: Skip to minute 3:00, but finish through to 5:00)

If Data is what moves and drives you, you should consider putting your expertise to good use, and make a profit. Bench is a community for consultants and clients to connect. Join the Bench today and start making money as an independent management consultant today!

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