Why Digital Staffing is the Future of Hiring

As employment trends shift towards independent contracting, companies are turning to staffing firms to fill temporary positions on a per-project basis. While these traditional staffing firms get the job done, they frequently lack efficiency, accuracy, and added value. Bench SME is able to offer all three of these through its enhanced systems and processes.

Traditional staffing firms don’t tailor candidates to each client’s specific project needs.

When a staffing agency representative discovers a role, their first priority is to round up as many candidates as possible, rarely digging any deeper than surface level. It becomes a race to get the largest number of resumes in front of the hiring manager, shifting the focus to quantity rather than quality. This creates extra work for the client, who must manually sift through endless clutter in the hopes of crossing enough checkboxes off their list.

Bench SME utilizes algorithmic data analysis to find exact matches for each individual project, so there’s no guesswork involved. Clients know that the candidates for their project have been curated and evaluated within a relative range in accuracy to meet their specific need. As an added benefit, consultants do not bid on work, nor do they apply for a role. It’s up to the client to make first contact, further eliminating clutter. Matched consultants are contacted at your convenience and acceptance, meaning a greater success rate when it’s time to make an offer.

Traditional staffing firms don’t provide ongoing support to clients or consultants.

With the exception of some minor back-office support, most staffing agencies provide little to no ongoing assistance to either the client or the candidate post-hire. Consultants are left feeling stranded and unsupported, while clients miss out on the added value they could be getting from continued evaluation of their staffing practices.

Bench SME sets itself apart from these firms by expanding on the traditional staffing package. Clients and consultants are each given the opportunity to constantly assess their experiences, leading to improved efficiency and accuracy over time. Plus, with Bench SME’s community base and dedicated Consultant Success Managers, no one ever feels left without resources to ensure success during a project.

Traditional staffing firms concentrate power within their own agency.

In any typical staffing transaction, the agency retains all the power by keeping its key processes closed to client and consultant participation. Talent pools are kept private, communication is filtered through a middleman, and consultant rates are inconsistent across industries and firms.

Bench SME gives clients and consultants a sense of control by keeping its database open. Consultants have complete access to active organizations utilizing the platform at all times, and clients can directly contact candidates they’re interested in hiring. An open format also leads to better rate transparency, meaning companies get exactly what they’re paying for and consultants know they’re being compensated fairly.

Take back control over your next project by signing up with Bench SME. It’s free to join and start searching.

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