Productivity Hacks for Consultants

Productivity Hacks for Consultants

Working long hours is pretty standard for any successful consultant, but ideally, we’d cut time where we could to take care of our bodies and live a life. Using time effectively is essential to finding success.

To increase productivity these simple 4 things are crucial:

Write a To-Do List

Start each day by writing a physical to-do list. Include everything, showers, workouts, etc. Then outline the top 3 most important tasks and your 3 hardest tasks. It doesn’t matter why they are the hardest of most important all that matters is that you tackle the hardest thing your list first. This will give you a sense of accomplishment to start your day.

Set a Routine

Humans love routine. When they establish positive habits, people are most efficient. This could look different for every individual. Whether it’s a morning ritual or a nighttime wind down it’s important to decide on a consistent routine and stick to it at least six days a week.

Delegate Tasks

If you’re riding solo, sometimes your workload can get out of hand. As an entrepreneur, you’ll likely want to keep your hands touching all of your important tasks, but sometimes you might need to give up some control.

By creating processes for responsibilities you are consistently tasked with, you can then train someone else and have someone else do them efficiently.

Take Care of Your Self

Consultants spend a large majority of their workweek traveling. This can take a big toll on your physical and mental health. There’s nothing that kills productivity more than not being at the top of your game. The best ways to take care of yourself are obviously getting a nutrient-dense diet, getting a least 30 minutes of activity in and stepping into the sun. These simple things will help find fatigue and boost creativity.

At the end of the day, you know what you need to be the best version of yourself. This will look different on everyone. One consultant’s pain is another’s pleasure so please take care of yourselves.

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