​4 Ways Joining a Hiring Community Will Give you an Advantage in 2019

4 Ways Joining a Hiring Community Will Give you an Advantage in 2019

If you’ve branched out into consulting and you’re struggling to find the right Clients, don’t be discouraged: It happens. A LOT. That’s why it can very advantageous to work with professionals who have been in your shoes and found their match utilizing the collective power of a network. When looking to deliver a project, Clients and Consultants strive to develop the best outcome for both parties.

Here are four reasons to consider joining our Community.

  • Focus on Experience Specialization -

Bench puts the spotlight on your specialty by offering a unique, online market place for Consultants, where we seek to make matching Clients and Consultants as efficiently as possible. A big part of what allows us to do this is focusing on the overall experience between Client and Consultant. We aim to create long-term engagement for both parties, where each one can learn and grow, offer their strengths and expertise, and have the chance for personal and professional development. Too often, a Client and Consultant relationship ends prematurely due to a bad experience from either or both parties, but an effective match eliminates this hurdle, working through any potential relationship barriers ahead of connecting the two together.

  • Emphasize Your Strengths Connection –

This makes for an enjoyable experience coming from and having a marketplace that underscores strengths. As a Consultant, you have honed your skills, developed your niche, and focused on crafting a business that is completely catered around the areas that YOU are best at. There are people out there who need your skills and your subject matter expertise - but sometimes it can be hard to find them. Taking your strengths into consideration to find and match the best Client is not limited to hard skills, soft skills also must be taken into account. Emphasize your assets, allowing the Client to see what is in it for them. Highly sought-after skill coupled with a cultural fit will truly allow for sustained success.

  • Capitalize on Client Needs -
    A huge factor in allowing Consultants to successfully offer their strengths comes from capitalizing on a void in the Clients current effort. Confirm you are working to fill a specific need and are not just another resume that is thrown into a pile. Be impeccably adept as to what the Client needs and what has been missing in meeting this need. From here, a strong PM/Team Lead will utilize Bench to elegantly bring the pieces together: unmet needs can be serviced through the unique and specialized strengths of the right Consultant, generating a positive experience and laying the foundation for a strong, long-term Client and Consultant relationship.
  • Offer Support Client/Consultant Success and Community -
    The Community aspect of Bench, is perhaps the most beneficial attribute, however, this means that you aren’t in this alone. As a Consultant, it can sometimes feel that way: typically, you must find your own Clients - meaning you’re doing the marketing and recruiting; you complete a requested job, complete the accounting process afterward, and of course, continue to follow up to maintain a working relationship and deal with any issues or dissatisfaction. Working with our team of CSM’s, however, means you have a pre-established support system in place. The Consultant and Clients exist with an underlying motive of helping and supporting one another. You can turn to the Community to not only assist in finding Clients and Consultants, but also to answer questions related to marketing yourself, furthering your education, improving your business efficiency, and much more.

There are clear advantages to working with a group of Peers – work together to make this the best thing you do for long-term success. Click here to join us and find out more!

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