4 Travel Hacks for Independent Consultants

Traveling for work is not always as glamorous as we’d wish. It’s time consuming. Not only do you have to consider the time it takes to get from point a to point b, but also packing, prepping, charging your devices, travel to and from airports, train stations etc. How can you cut down on time when traveling?

Speed it up.

If you have the right tools at your disposal, traveling can be quick and efficient. Nearly every business model has some sort of rewards or priority program where you get your issues handled first by essentially, cutting the line. It’s like a fastpass at Disney World, turning a 45 minute wait into 10 minutes.

Most of your time wasted will be spent waiting in line at security.

Pro-Tip: Ball out on TSA Pre-Check.

Make a List.

Plan your days out so you know exactly what clothing you’ll need for every day you’re traveling, including underwear, socks, toiletries and tech. As redundant as it may seem, this helps consolidate where you can. You’re best off only taking a carry-on when traveling for work, so saving space where you can is ultra important.

Be Tech Smart

Make sure all your devices have been fully charged and you have all the accessories you need be it a thunderbolt connector, euro outlet or extra battery.

Utilize the cloud for your files to avoid the inevitable situation of having left the hard drive with all your files at home or in the Uber. By using platforms like Google Drive, DropBox or Trello you can share and send files in a foolproof way.

Beat Jet Lag

If you know you’ll be working in a different time zone you can prepare by drinking more water and eating the right things. Avoid airplane food altogether and skip the midday coffee. Air travel can dry you out leaving you feeling even more tired, so drink at least 8 full glasses of water if not more. Eating whole foods with complex carbs can help your energy stay consistent and keep you from becoming irritable and unproductive.

Have Fun!

Sometimes traveling for work can seem boring. Client meetings and office visits take up your days and then you’re too tired from traveling to see the city you’re in. Reach out to your community for suggestions on restaurants, theaters, coffee shops and parks. If you’re crunched for time, take your client to that hip italian restaurant recommendation or work from the cool coffee shop you read about. Little pleasures can make traveling as fun as it's supposed to be, even if it’s for work.

If you have the time, take it! Schedule it and block out the time as time to explore the city or go to that museum. You deserve it.

Traveling can take its toll, but if you make positive habits consistent in your routine you can have smoother fly days.

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