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Vendor Evaluation Scorecard
Wednesday February 07, 2018
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I have had to lead many vendor evaluations and a re-occurring problem was always how do we create some kind of metric behind choosing one vendor over another. The attached is a version I used to score software solutions. I've used this same process for hardware, converged infrastructure solutions (vBlock vs. IBM vs. HP etc.) and just about any major initiative.

I have scrubbed this version of any proprietary info and removed all but one vendor but if anyone has questions in how to add a new vendor I can walk you through it if you have any issues. So far every C-Level I've presented this to has loved it and it provides real numbers to justify a vendor beyond just choosing the lowest bidder or making an arbitrary selection.

Any questions I'm happy to answer and if anyone else has something like this I'd love to see it as well. I can send you the actual Excel file if anyone would like it.
Saturday September 29, 2018
Sounds like a great tool Christopher. Do you mind passing the excel over?
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